A destination for talented craftsmen from around the world.

We create high-quality lifestyle products that embrace minimalism to reduce waste and add tranquility to your life.

  • Jisue Park

    / A product designer discovering good-hearted craftsman
    / Intrigued by good craftsmanship and environmental issues
    / Bit of a nerd and loves to read and write

  • Joshua Uhm

    / A content creator travels worldwide to discover beautiful mise-en-scene.
    / Intrigued by good craftmanship and content
    / Loves to play guitar

Foundation Story

Joshua and Jisue went to Pratt Institute in New York to study product design and spent years learning about UX/UI, wood crafting, and more design processes.

They finally reunited in 2022 to start the Tworii project with a vision of bringing good-hearted designs to the light.

Traveling The World

In 2022, Joshua traveled to countries in Asia to capture their life and nature and discovered exciting stories of individuals from all around the world.

Those Who Shine To Us

There are some people who shine when talking about their passion. We can feel individuals' energy and pride when we visit the studios. From there, we seriously started to seek individuals who put their heart into crafting.

Humanity and Environment

To begin with, buying sets of mass-produced cold plastic products didn't align with our environmental interests. And after witnessing the passion and love put into the work, we learned how to deeply appreciate the craftsmanship.

We will continue to support humanity and care about the life and death of our products.